Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bisi Bele Huli Anna / Bisi Bele Baath

My tryst with Bisi Bhele Baath began pretty recently - a couple of years back. It was at my husband's mamas place, his mami had made BBB for lunch. Until before that, I had not ever tasted this but having had it once, I wanted to recreate the magic at home. Initially, mami had given me some powder which I used but it hardly lasted for 2-3 times. I decided to take matters in my hand and re-create the powder or as we software engineers like to call it "reverse engineered" from my recollection of mami's BBB. So here goes my version - purists beware that I am not making any claims to authenticity, I am only sharing my version of this amazing one pot wonder.
For the powder 
2 Tbsp Chana Dal
1 Tbsp Udad Dal
1 inch piece cinnamon
4 Green Cardamom
1 piece Star Anise
Bay leaves
6-8 Dried Red Chillies
Curry leaves
1 tbsp Jeera
4-6 peppercorns
4 Cloves
1 Tbsp Dried Corriander Seeds
Methi seeds

For the Rice
1 Cup Rice
1 Cup Tur Dal
1 small onion
1 Carrot Diced
1 Green Bell Pepper
Few French Beans
6-8 drumsticks
1 Tomato diced
2 Tbsp Green Peas
1 lemon sized ball Tamarind
1 Tbsp Ghee
Salt to taste
Corriander leaves for garnish
Cashews for garnish
4.5 cups water

1. Dice and prepare all veges, soak tamarind in water and soak rice and dal mix.

2. Dry Roast all the ingredients for the powder and grind fine.

3. In a pressure cooker, add some ghee and saute all veges, then add rice and dal, add tamarind water, hing, salt and the bisi bele powder. Add water I like my bisi bele baath a little soupy -adjust water to how you like it best. Put the lid on and let it whistle twice.
5. In the meanwhile, heat some ghee and fry cashew bits till nice and brown.
6. Once the pressure cooker is cool enough, transfer to a bowl, garnish with cashews and corriander leaves. Serve piping hot with papad.

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