Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Favourite Breakfast

I am not too much of a breakfast person - all I prefer in the mornings is a good big cuppa chai and a couple of my favourite Parle-G biscuits. That said, I still do have some favourite breakfast items and almost on top of my list is a delicacy which I have been extremely fond of since my childhood days. The white steaming fluffy white cloud like idlis in my opinion are one of the best things we can have for breakfast. There are enough and more recipes for Idlis in the blogosphere so I am not going to put a recipe for this one. This will just be a simple photo post with Idli, Molgapodhi, Sambhar and Tomato Onion Chutney a feast for breakfast.


  1. I love....Idlis. It is my upbringing that makes me so versatile in eating. I don't make that many things for morning breakfast.You seem like a passionate cook.

  2. I like that comment I can so totally relate to it "It is my upbringing that makes me so versatile in eating."
    I am a passionate cook, but not much of a breakfast person. We had some guests home and so an elaborate breakfast spread.


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