Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waran-waro Phulko / Satpuro Phulko / Layered Paratha

Waran-waro phulko literally means layered chapati is something we Sindhi's make typically with Chole or any of the non vegetarian dishes. It is pretty heavy and can be used to soak up gravies very nicely. Very similar in appearance to Kerala Parotta the main difference being the Sindhi version uses whole wheat flour and ghee (clarified butter) instead of oil. So here we go straight to the recipe and pics ..yes I have step by step pics for this one ;)

1 Cup Whole Wheat flour + additional for dusting
1 tsp salt * Optional
1 tsp roasted cumin and pepper powder * Optional
1 tsp ghee
0.5 Cup water to knead the dough (more or less depending on the wheat flour quality)
6 Tbsp Melted Ghee

Implements / Utensils
1Mixing Bowl
Tava  / Griddle
Rolling Pin and plate

1. In a mixing bowl, add flour, salt, cumin and pepper powder and add little water. Mix to form bread crumb like texture of the dough, little by little add water and knead dough to a stiff consistency like chapati flour.
2. Apply ghee to the dough and set aside for ten minutes.
3. Tear apart a small piece of dough and flatten it, roll it in dry flour.

4. Now roll it to the size of a big puri.

5. Make a hole in the center of the roti as shown here.

6. Apply melted ghee all around the outer circle and dust it with dry flour.

 7. Now start making the inner whole bigger and roll it into a coil till it almost resembles a rope. see pics below
8. Now make a tear at one end of the coil and start rolling the coil sideways.
9. Now roll this out in the shape of a chapati. You will be able to see a circular pattern once rolled, put it on a medium hot tava.

10. Flip over and let cook till brown spots appear. Once similarly done on both sides apply ghee and flip both sides. Make it crisp or leave like a punjabi parantha or leave it like a normal phulka.

11. Serve hot with your favourite curry or simply enjoy with your favourite pickle

Alternatively, this can also be made by dividing the dough into very small marble sized pieces, rolling each piece to the size of a large cookie and layering 7 such into a thicker cookie by adding little ghee and flour on each layer before topping with another cookie sized chapati. Roll this seven layered cookie into a bigger chappati. This will give flakier layers. Since seven of these are traditionally used, it is called Sat-puro Phulko.


  1. Wow!! Im not gonna attempt it, but you can invite me for dinner anytime :D :D

  2. Definitely going to try this one....looks great!

  3. @Ruj bana na re ..asa kay karte?

    @Shivali - Do try and let me know. As a variation, you can also chop an onion, corriander leaves and a green chilli very fine and fill it into the roll, to get a stuffed layered paratha


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