Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bible Cake

I already wrote about the Bible Cake in my previous post on the Edible Book Contest and also posted the pics with a promise to share the recipe in my next post. I found three or four different variations for this cake on the internet but wasn't able to zero in on any single one. So finally what I made was a mish-mash of ingredients from multiple recipes. The resulting cake was awesome.

Bible Cake
3/4 C      Butter
1&1/2 C Sugar
5 Nos.    Eggs
3 C        Flour
3 tsp      Salt
3 tsp      Baking Powder * Referred as Levain in the Bible verses
1 tsp     Cinnamon Pdr
1 tsp     Mix Spices Pdr  (Nutmeg, cloves, ginger and all spice)
1/2 C    Milk * Add more if required
1/2 C    Almonds Crushed coarsely
3/4 C    Figs chopped * I soaked them in water and pureed them
3/4 C    Raisins
2 tbsp   Honey

Implements / Utensils Required
Mixing Bowls
Measuring cups and spoons
Cake Tin either 1 10 inch or 2 9*5 loaf tins

1. Preheat oven to 325 F. Grease and Flour a 10 inch cake tin.
2. Sieve flour, salt, bakking powder, spices and set aside.
3. Cream butter and sugar. Then add eggs one at a time mixing well after each addition. Beat till a thick custard consistency is reached.
4. Then add dry ingredients in three or four additions mixing well after each addition.
5. If you feel that mixing is getting difficult add milk in between the mixing. Once both the dry and wet ingredients are mixed, fold in the almonds, raisins and fig puree. Add honey and mix. Adjust the liquid consistency of batter as needed by adding more milk if needed.
6. Pour into a prepared cake tin and bake for almost 55 to 60 mins or till a tester comes out clean.
7. Let cool for 5-10 mins before attempting to remove from the pan and onto a cooling rack

For the contest, I had used chocolate buttercream icing and white butter cream icing to give the appearance of the cover of the book and its pages. However, this cake tastes just as good with a sprinkling of powdered sugar or a drizzle of honey. Read about the history of the cake and actual Bible verses here:

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